Retreat Testimony | March 2017

“The Arise program is a ‘capstone’ for the healing ministry in the Catholic Church. To use a simile, Arise is like the fine-tuning of a radio station so the ‘sound’ (or the ‘message’ of healing in the church) is perfectly crystal clear with no static or ambiguity.” - Crystal P., Coppell, TX


Retreat Testimony | March 2017

What a great retreat and training in the working of the Holy Spirit through the charismatic gifts! There is no other resource out there that systematically teaches the Church's teachings, understanding, and safeguards for ministry in the supernatural, charismatic gifts of the Church. What a gift to the Church! Tori's presentation style was thorough and engaging - balancing proper teaching and rules with the incredible freedom and power manifested through Holy Spirit ministry!

Every teaching was illustrated with examples and stories (often hilarious!) and everything we learned was put into practice through exciting practicums! I walk away with a solid, peaceful understanding of the Church's teachings and a clear gameplan for moving forward into this new realm of living my faith. I have real experiences of the Holy Spirit working through me to draw from and experiential knowledge of what that feels like. I love the curriculum we got that I plan to refer to and comb through in greater detail in the future. 

Perhaps, most importantly, God worked and spoke in my life in power, game-changing ways through this weekend! god's peace and love saturated my soul and brought tremendous healing, growth and wholeness. God's spirit is alive and active in every baptized Catholic and HS101 is the perfect place to start unwrapping that gift! - James L. of Baltimore, MD

Retreat Testimony | March 2017

Arise Ministries is a perfect balance for the charismatics and the more traditionalists. Tori does such a  beautiful job breaking down all the charisms and making them feasible for ALL. May God bless this ministry in a mighty way and may the Holy Spirit's FIRE spread like wildfire. - Adriana T. of Dallas, TX

Retreat Testimony | March 2017

Tori has done her homework. This course is very well organized and the Holy Spirit is alive and moving, using this program to heal the sick and set people free. The Church teachings are well explained. - Darla R. of Dallas, TX

Cured of Chronic Acid Reflux | Oct 2016

Pretty much my whole life; certainly my adult life I have had reflux.  So I have had this at least 24 years. Its terrible most of the time.  I have kept an empty water bottle in my car because the reflux and I could fill a small Gatorade bottle each day with reflux.  It did not matter what I ate.  Well, Wednesday October 26, 2016 I went to my first Arise night.  That night for the first time ever I had a prayer group pray for me.  So I asked that they pray for my reflux to go away.  While they were praying an amazing thing happened. While they prayed its like a very, very old memory came up from when I had to be younger than 9. It was a horrible, shameful memory. I wondered if I was making it up but I cried like a baby and could not stop. As the team checked in [with] me and continued to pray, that new emotional pain turned to peace and even laughter, but the pressure I felt from the reflux, which was active that night remained. So the team returned their prayer to the reflux. I felt something move inside. Literally like an organ or I don't know, something seemed to shift, untwist or something. Then the pressure from the reflux subsided. And as of right now, three weeks later,  have had no reflux. 

I don't recall when I ever had more than a day or two of relief from the reflux. 

Thank you Arise prayer team. - Bernice S. of Dallas, TX

Freedom from 55 Years of Chronic Back Pain | Oct 2016

Thank God for my healing!! After almost 55 years of increasing back pain (I was going to make an appt. at Back & Spine Clinic by the end of year) (deteriorated lower disc, muscle spasms, trouble standing up)- I am free at last. It (back) feels like it did at 15 [years old] before 1st falling down staircase on my back in high school. Blessed program at Church. Thank you and God for the healers and pray-ers at Church. - Jackie W. of Wylie, TX 

Healing took place on October 26, 2016 | Arise Night of Healing | Farmers Branch, TX


Eucharistic Healing Power | Sept 2016

For the last 20 years I have endured a very painful case of hip bursitis.  Excessive walking, or sitting or lying on hard surfaces aggravates the pain.  Both hips are affected but the right hip is significantly worse.   At night even my mattress would cause me to toss and turn all night as I repeatedly tried to ease the aching pain from the pressure of the bed.  So, not only was I in pain but I was unable to get good rest.  I would literally hobble out of bed each morning hunched over due to how constricted the pain had contorted me.  On Sunday evening, after the retreat, I remembered a prophecy a team member had shared that resonated with me.  He told me that his right side was tingling and he wondered what that could mean to me.  I immediately knew the Holy Spirit was indicating my painful right hip, which radiates up and down my entire right leg.  That evening I attended Mass and after communion I used the Healing Prayer on myself for the bursitis.  I allowed no skepticism in my mind but only in trusting God.  Upon going to bed, I immediately fell asleep and was never awakened by even a moment of pain.  The next morning I realized the transformation that had taken place and swung out of bed with joy and stood up completely straight, again with no pain.  I then broke into a spontaneous dance with the Holy Spirit as my dance partner.   My sweet, sweet Jesus gave me all these consolations as a gift.  - Dana N. of Plano, TX