5 Ways to Bring Holy Spirit 101 to Your Parish 

Thanks for wanting to share this material with your Church! We recommend the following methods for bringing Holy Spirit 101 to your Parish: 


1. Become an Arise Certified Parish

If your pastor agrees, your Parish can easily become an Arise Certified Parish. A Certified Parishes agrees to uphold certain training standards in exchange for full access to Arise teaching resources; such as FREE teacher certification training for up to 5 persons, access to all of our lesson plans, training materials, bulk-order discounts, ability to purchase promotional branding material and more. To inquire about becoming an Arise Certified Parish, please email us [here]. 

2. Hire an Arise Certified Instructor

Our certified instructors have been through intensive training and are prepared to deliver the Holy Spirit 101 program as representatives of the Arise Ministry. For a list of these independent contractors, please contact us. To sign up for our Teaching Certification Program, click [here].

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3. Host an Unofficial Class

We understand that it may not be possible to become an Arise Certified Parish and instructor training takes time. While your Parish works towards these goals, you can still host your own, unofficial class. While it may seem obvious, to protect the integrity of the program, we ask that anyone who teaches this course under the name Holy Spirit 101 remain faithful to the teachings as they are presented in the text and be careful to not add or subtract from the material presented. If you have any questions about the material, please feel free to reach out to us. We're happy to answer any questions you may have.


4. Hire our Texas Team for a 3 Day Seminar

Bring the Holy Spirit 101 experience to your Parish, staff, small group or community! Experience the entire curriculum, taught by one of our certified instructors, over a fast-paced 3 day seminar. Price includes materials for each participant.  

$1500 base fee
Additional $20/student
Housing and transportation for two (2)*


5. Hire our Texas Team for a Parish Mission

A 4 Day Parish Mission focused on training & equipping your entire Parish to operate in the fullness of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This condensed program will include the majority of the practicums, modified for the large-group setting.  Includes preliminary planning meetings with coordinators and 1 evening of onsite training for volunteer team prior to the Mission. Complete course materials for attendees are available for purchase.

$2300 fee
Housing and transportation for 2 Arise Instructors 

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