start moving in the holy spirit

WE are a parish-based organization that is committed to teaching others to grow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Click [HERE] to learn about our Programs at Mary Immaculate. Scroll down to read about how we share Holy Spirit 101 with the global Church.

There are three ways to complete the Holy Spirit 101 course.

Parish Retreat


Adult Program: The best way to complete a Holy Spirit 101 course is during one of our 2 day retreats. Taught by two of our trained instructors, these events pack in all the information found in the book and eCourse, as well as access to volunteers, extra instruction and  supervised practicum time. On our retreat you'll learn: 

  • What the Catholic Church is teaching about the gifts of the Holy Spirit

  • The 10 Steps for Effective Parish-based Prayer Ministry

  • Safe & Practical Deliverance Prayer

  • Yielding and Discerning Prophetic Words

  • When and How to use the Gift of Tongues

  • Types of Healing Prayer & How to Pray for Miracles

  • and more!

Teen Program: For youth aged 13-17 we offer special daytime and overnight retreats. A perfect retreat for confirmation students, teen retreats are an excellent way to engage youth in the study of the Holy Spirit. 


Online Course

Coming september 2018

Gather 4 or more of your friends and fellow Parishioners to experience Holy Spirit 101 in the comfort of your home (or Parish Hall). Our new video series allows you to listen to all 7 lectures as given on a Holy Spirit 101 retreat. This video program, used alongside our retreat workbooks, are an easy way for anyone to bring Holy Spirit 101 to their Church or prayer group. 

Weekly Class


Available exclusively in the Dallas/Fort Worth area
These 2 hour classes take place over 5-7 consecutive weeks and pack in not only all the information found in the book and eCourse, but also provides access to volunteers, extra instruction and supervised practicum time.