Finally a compilation of the official teachings of the Catholic Church on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit developed over the past 50 years of the Renewal!
— Very Rev. Michael D. Forge

Who We Are


Prophecy. Healing. Discernment. Miracles. Arise Worship Ministry seeks to help Catholics understand these unique charisms and their vital role in the New Evangelization. Through training, retreats and public events, we believe that education, opportunity, and fidelity to Church teaching are the ingredients needed to help transform the Church. 

Training & Retreats


Throughout the year we offer retreats and courses to train individuals and prayer teams to operate in the 9 Pauline charisms of the Holy Spirit for the building up of the Church. This exciting program is the only program of its kind available for Catholics with both the nihil obstat and imprimatur.

Upcoming Events


Help spread the love of Jesus Christ by sharing the graces of your baptism with others! From retreats to workshops to book clubs and more - Arise Ministry offers many opportunities for you to practice your gifts while helping to build up the Church.

What others are saying

“Tapping into the joy of the charismatic gifts has allowed me to grow in my vocations as a wife, mother, and psychotherapist. I recommend this program for all.”
— Dana Nygaard, LPC, founder of Finding Cana